Russel’s Success Story – Years of Back Pain to Golfing Again

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If you’ve been suffering for years with back pain it can be extremely frustrating that you STILL haven’t found relief… you’re not alone.

For many folks – this is their life…

It’s not so debilitating that it keeps them from doing things – but it’s painful enough that it keeps them exhausted, unwilling to push themselves or try new things, and they are in and out of various treatment sessions on a weekly or monthly basis – just to get enough temporarily relief so they can keep this thing at bay and not let it get worse.

Sound familiar?

Some people just settle for this way of life and are thankful they are able to keep their neck and back pain “good enough” so that they can avoid surgery and serious pain pills.

But Russel decided that he wanted something better.

He wanted better control of his pain which meant more control over his LIFE. He didn’t want to live in fear of his pain anymore.

Read Russel’s story below…

When Russel came to us in early August he had back and leg pain that was so debilitating - he could barely walk.

As an avid golfer and walker - this was a big problem!

The pain was traveling down from his back and into his left calf.

Laying down felt ok - but he couldn’t stand long enough to do simple tasks like cooking breakfast - and he definitely could not walk the golf course.

He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate a flight to California to visit his 2 year old granddaughter - and didn’t know if he would ever be able to.

Russel was no stranger to back pain.

In fact, he recalls first hurting his back over 10 years ago when he was water skiing.

He had been to PT many times over the years - he would feel better and was religious with his exercise programs, performing a 30 min routine every single morning - but by the end of golf season - the pain would always return.

The pain into his calf was even more debilitating, so he decided he needed a different solution.

During his evaluation, we found that Russel’s lower back was very stiff and lacking mobility in all directions - especially bending back.

The lack of motion in his spine was creating irritation in the surrounding structures as well.

Nerve irritation was creating pain down the leg, and the muscles in his back and hips were tight and tender. He also had pain standing for more than a few minutes and walking around the clinic.

We addressed this lack of motion by choosing one targeted exercise to restore motion.

He repeated this motion 10 times - and could stand and walk around the clinic with much less pain in his leg!

I told him to stop doing his old 30 minute exercise routine and to try doing this motion every couple hours instead. He was very skeptical about trying a new approach and looked at me with confusion.

By his third visit - Russel had played 9 holes of golf for the first time in a month!

He was also walking up to 3 miles - with just a little pain in his calf!

At this point, we could begin to layer on exercises to strengthen his core and hip muscles.

Now Russel has no problem walking the golf course, and his back feels better than it has in years.

Most importantly - he feels like he has the tools and knowledge of what he needs to do if his back does start bothering him - and is back to doing the activities that he loves!

Hopefully Russel's success story inspires you to not settle and take action - even if it's scary 🙂

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Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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