Golfing and Walking Again After Months of Back Pain and Headaches

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I Want to Share With You a Quick Success Story From One of Our Clients…

Janet – who’s in her 50’s – is successfully back to walking 10 mi per day and golfing with her husband again – after dealing with back pain for over 2 years and headaches for about 9 months!

Being and staying active in her 50’s and beyond is extremely important to Janet

Before coming to us – she had been dealing with upper back pain for about 2 years that progressed into severe headaches that lasted 9 months – problems that were significantly interfering with her active lifestyle.

Luckily – she had some good success resolving these problems with regular PT – but decided to reach out to us when she began experiencing low back problems a few months ago. These new symptoms were getting in the way of her walking routine (7-10 miles per day) – and she had concerns about golf season. She loves to golf with her husband and did not want anything to get in the way.

Out of curiosity – we asked Janet why she decided to call us instead of working with a regular PT again…

She said it was because we specialized in getting to the root cause of problems – versus only getting rid of the pain and symptoms.

Although Janet’s upper back pain and headaches were pretty much gone…

What if they came back once she started golfing?

She didn’t really have a plan in place to stop them if they flared up again.

She also suspected that all of these problems might be connected in some way…

Perhaps getting to the root cause of WHY she was experiencing low back pain and continued muscles tightness in her upper back and neck would provide an explanation?

Well… Janet was right!

What we found with Janet is that she had some mobility issues throughout her spine that would act up on her when she started to push herself.

For example – in every day, routine activities – Janet was fine and didn’t experience any problems….

But when she started to push herself – and do things that required her spine to move in a larger range of motion – such as golf – her mobility impairments would “show up” and start to give her problems.

What was happening with Janet – is that her muscles were trying to “help” compensate for the lack of mobility in her spine by overworking. When muscles get stressed repeatedly and often – they become tight. Tight and overworked muscles get angry – and eventually start to become painful.

This is Exactly What Was Happening to Janet!

The problem wasn’t with her muscles. Her tight and painful muscles were the symptoms – of the underlying root cause – which were mobility issues in her spine as well as some weakness in her core.

When you get to the root cause of a problem FIRST – you’re able to understand why it happened in the first place – and can catch potential flare-ups MUCH sooner – because you know what to look for.

Well… we’re happy to say that since joining the MMSSPT family…

Janet has returned to walking 7-10 miles per day and is able to enjoy golfing with her husband again!

Janet is also participating in a maintenance core stabilization, spinal mobility and Pilates program with us – to ensure that her core continues to get stronger and to help maintain all the spinal mobility she’s gained as a result of working with us.

But the MOST important thing is that Janet has a plan.

She’s got corrective exercises that work to improve her spinal mobility completely on her own – and she knows how to recognize when she needs to use them – WAY before the symptoms start.

This type of plan ensures that Janet is successful well beyond working with us – so that she can spend time doing the activities she LOVES instead of sitting in the doctor’s office.

Thank you Janet for letting us help you and congratulations on all your hard work – and successful return to the activities that YOU love!

If Janet’s story resonates with you… and you’re wondering if getting a different pair of eyes on your symptoms could help you get to the root cause of YOUR problem…

Request a Free Discovery Session and talk to a specialist at my clinic!

That’s exactly how Janet got started!

Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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