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Get rid of your nagging neck and shoulder pain today without the use of meds and without frequent visits to the doctor’s office!! Discover the 6 simple steps to get you on the road to recovery!!

Yours Free From Specialist Physical Therapist, Trupti Mehta

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Trupti Mehta

Trupti Mehta PT, MS OCS

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

A Personal Message from our Specialist Physical Therapist Trupti Mehta...

Do you know that Neck Pain is one of the leading causes of disturbed sleep and frequent headaches??

If you are reading this you must be having a similar problem. You must be exhausted from continually taking pain meds with no resolve. Do you find yourself stretching continually during the day? Do you find that your work tasks at your desk job are being continually interrupted by nagging neck pain? Are you waking up in the middle of the night with neck pain and headaches? Or waking up in the morning feeling foggy because of disturbed sleep from your neck and shoulder pain? Have you been to the doctor and been told “It's just age”??!!

Let me say this straight away – if you’re reading this and you’re between the ages of 40-60+, you’re obviously very serious and concerned about your health. And you ARE right to object taking painkillers time and again and doing GENERIC neck exercises given to you by your physician or chiropractor. You won't need to me to tell you that painkillers don’t get to the bottom of these types of problems and worse yet, all they ever do is mask the pain, often making it worse in the end without providing any neck pain relief.

I’d like to make it fully clear that I’m NOT like any of the other Physical Therapists out there and that most definitely includes the ones that see 2-3 patients at a time and pass you on to a tech to oversee the rest of your treatment. Let me distance myself from THEM immediately. I want to reassure you that mine is nothing like the advice you’ll ever be given by a doctor - simply because I’m a Private Physical Therapist expertly trained and specializing in helping people like you with Neck and Shoulder Pain.

And unlike most doctors and Physical Therapists these days, I WILL take the time to listen to you and I do want to hear all about what’s concerning you.

I’ve been doing this for 15+ years and if you’re suffering with neck and shoulder pain… one of my goals is to offer you a solution that will let you avoid the need for harmful medication and wasted time at other physical therapy clinics. I want you to be able to completely sidestep from those ongoing sessions of doctors and physical therapy visits where enough time is not spent with you diagnosing your neck pain causes and providing you the correct neck pain treatment and evade the frustration that option, so often causes.

Here's Who I Can Help...

If you are aged 35-60+ and You’ve got tension and or pain in your neck and shoulder area that has been there for longer than 10 days OR your sleep is disturbed by a tightness or tension in your shoulder that gets worse through the night OR You’re suffering from pain DAILY, are concerned and have no idea why it even happened (to you) OR You spend a lot of time sitting – and that makes pain worse OR You’ve only been given painkillers by your doctor… but you secretly know that this ISN’T the best option (or the one you want to take) OR You’ve got headaches and or migraines that seem to be getting more intense or more frequent – or you’re worried about either coming back on.

And there are a number of ways I’m going to be able to help you.

Specialist “Hands-on” Physical Therapy involves me working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the suffering and concerns you are experiencing. Manual Realignment of your neck and shoulder joints is VITAL and is the fastest and easiest way to end all this pain and it can often happen in days. Dry Needling (using acupuncture needles) some of those tight muscles will bring a FAST end to the tightness and pain in your neck and shoulder muscles within days. And don’t worry - it’s really easy and it’s simple to do. 75% of my patients really love this technique and crave for more sessions even after they have 100% neck pain relief.

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search and just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Tips… the kind that is only given out by the Experts, and ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on ending your Neck and Shoulder Pain, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because,

For a limited time only, I’m giving away FREE, my published Special Report on all the BEST ways to end Neck and Shoulder Pain and I’d like for you to have a copy. And this Special Report gives step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS on the 6 BEST ways to bring a fast end to your concerns (...Naturally)! (Plus, a few bonus TIPS are included, too…)

Go ahead and claim your FREE Report and finally start making the progress instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW! Click the yellow button below now for your free report. Or feel free to call us at (202) 670-8874 for the free report and also to schedule a Free Phone Consultation with a Skilled Specialist Physical Therapist.


Trupti Mehta

Trupti Mehta, Leading Physical Therapist in DC

FREE REPORT: 6 Quick Easy Ways to End Neck and Shoulder Pain... From Disturbing Work Routines at the Computer, Sleeping Well And Causing Frequent Headaches!”

Get rid of your nagging neck and shoulder pain today without the use of meds and without frequent visits to the doctor’s office!! Discover the 6 simple steps to get you on the road to recovery!!

Yours Free From Specialist Physical Therapist, Trupti Mehta

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More About The Person You Will Be Helped By…

First trained with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Trupti worked in India and Zambia at private physiotherapy clinics and Hospitals. She worked with a varied population – stroke rehabilitation, cancer clinics and orthopedic surgical units and private orthopedic outpatient clinics.

Wanting to find more ways to help people with their injuries and problems she got a Master’s Degree in Human Movement Science in 2001, from the Physical Therapy department at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). She then added years of training as a Maitland- Australian Physiotherapy Manual therapist, Mulligan Movement with Mobilization Manual therapist and Mckenzie Method of Manual therapy for Neck and Back pain because she saw first-hand the immediate benefit of and lasting changes made with skilled manual therapy. Manual therapy allowed her to help people find the causes for their aches, pains and hurts.

Passion-driven to help further, people who had tried and failed with traditional treatments of stretching, exercises or just taking pills, Trupti completed an Orthopedic Clinical Specialization certification (OCS). But, what does THIS really mean to YOU, the client…. Not much because Trupti really believes it does not matter, just what she knows unless you know how much she cares. She loves to use whatever skills she has to help you find the body solutions you are looking for and feel comfortable with. It means she has many ways to help people get better faster, but more importantly, she loves to solve the puzzles of how to help people find their physical potential.

“Look Who Else Came for Specialist Physical Therapy at Manual Medicine Spine & Sports PT and Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY and HAPPY... In Just a Few Short Weeks”!

I’ve been living with chronic neck pain and jaw/ TMJ issues for 20 years now. Some days were very painful – it would be hard to move my neck and other times it felt very, very tight. I lived with it for all these years, just assuming this is how my body was. Four years ago, I had Physical Therapy at a large facility for 4 months. I was given some exercises and massages/manual work which felt good at the time but there was no lasting relief. There was not a lot of back and forth, they didn’t ask me a lot of questions or give feedback on exercises. After a while, they told me that’s the most they could do for me, and asked me to continue with those exercises at home. So I thought, that was the best physical therapy could do for me and my neck pain persisted. At that time and for the past 3 years I thought, I had to live with this pain, and it could not get any better.

Until I decided it wouldn’t hurt to get another PT consultation. I decided to see Trupti at Manual Medicine, Spine and Sports PT. My care here with her has been so different compared to the other larger PT facility I went to 4 years ago. Trupti gives very customized care, I am able to ask as many questions as I want, there is a more in depth analysis about my posture, how I sleep, my jaw movements and muscles and all the things that go into this long term problem. Plus the manual hands on work, immediately I felt a difference; at the old PT place it felt like a nice light massage, but here with Trupti – it hurts, but also feels like it is fixing the actual problem. After the manual work, it feels so much better and I imagine that’s what normal people feel like. And I am getting a lot of explanation of where she is working on me and why those areas and how that will help.

I’ve noticed after these past 4 weeks, not much neck pain nowadays, there’s still some tightness, but I understand there’s still a lot of strengthening that I need to do. At work I had to re-adjust my neck constantly, or could barely move my neck, and that has not happened in weeks. Before I talked to Trupti, I did not know that I needed to escalate the neck exercises with the help of PT. I kept doing the same exercises. I also did not know that my jaw issues could be causing some of my neck pain.

Now I know to tell people, that if you are going to this big PT facility, you may be missing out on more personalized care, and you may end up going for months and not see the kind of progress that I’m seeing in just weeks. I would tell people to be more mindful about their progress and figure out if they should be going somewhere else. I recommend that at least go in for a consultation with Trupti, it’s worth pursuing this, and not living with chronic pain.

Jenny Late 30s, Downtown DC

I had been trying to get my shoulder problem to go away for almost 2 years. I tried PT at a couple places and I did not feel like I was getting a proper diagnosis and the treatment was not quite aggressive. It would get a little better and then recur. When I saw Trupti, she took the time to understand when exactly the pain was happening and where. I appreciated that she immediately figured out what was going on, the diagnosis was quick (it was a shoulder impingement). Once that was figured out, the treatment was quite aggressive; we dove right in and it was on a specific timeline and I had an idea of “when” we were accomplishing certain things. Also, I felt that she explained specifically what each exercise was doing (stabilizing versus strengthening versus stretching)…..and knowing that and then doing these exercises really helped me. The “dry needling” also really helped with it’s effectiveness and efficiency.

My advice to other people is don’t ignore the pain. Even if it’s a small pain, being proactive and addressing is going to pay off quickly on the long run. It was all about lifestyle for me. I love to be active; I missed lifting weights, playing with my daughters and playing volleyball. I also appreciate, when we were pretty far along, how Trupti, told me to go for it, and begin playing volleyball to test the shoulder. It gave me the confidence to go for it and not feel apprehensive.

I feel for anyone out there reading this, know your injury, and have a good feel of how you got there, because it gives the PT very good insight of what caused the problem in the first place and help diagnose it correctly. I’m happy that, I’m working out and playing volleyball again. My daughters are back to climbing all over me, and my shoulder feels great!

Patrick Mid 40s, Downtown, DC

I had been dealing with a shoulder injury for 2 years, during which time I worked with 2 different Physical Therapists with little to no improvement. After working with Trupti, my range of motion has greatly increased, my pain has lessened and I have a home exercise program.

She really listens and understands that there is no "one size fits all" approach to physical therapy. Highly recommend working with her!

Cara Early 50s, Dupont Circle, DC

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