We Are Hiring: Client Care Specialist

We are a fun, passionate, and growing Physical Therapy practice looking for the perfect Client-Care Specialist to join our team!

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Who We Are Looking For...

  • Do you love to build relationships with clients that lead to a successful sale? But are restrained by unachievable, unrealistic targets and systems that do not allow you to be the best you can be?
  • Would you rather build a relationship with your clients that lasts and lasts rather than have a call quota to achieve?
  • DO you believe that sales are gained through trust and nurturing not by pressurizing tactics?
  • Do you have a proven track record of being able to convert cold and warm leads and prospects to paying clients?
  • Do you have experience in a business or industry where targets need to be met? Are you comfortable making cold calls?
  • Are you comfortable speaking on the phone and in person, to new, old and existing clients of the business?
  • Are you comfortable with handling objections from hesitant potential clients?
  • Are you comfortable having conversations around money, cost, price and value?
  • Can you effectively close a sale and use multiple sales techniques to close a sale?
  • Are you flexible, open to change, and committed to learning?

If so, you could be just the person we are looking for to fill the position that we have available as the Client Care Specialist of our rapidly growing physical therapy clinic.

About Our Practice

Medicine Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is a non-traditional manually based orthopedic, spine, and sports physical therapy practice focused on helping people make the best decisions for their health while creating a positive experience in the process. We help people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s become more active, mobile and moving back to a healthy lifestyle without the use of pain pills, surgery, or frequent medical appointments.

Manual Medicine Spine & Sports Physical Therapy was founded (a small treatment room) in 2016, with a mission to serve people with heartfelt and meaningful connections at multiple levels of their lives that surpasses their expectations of achieving the best quality of physical health. The founder of the company – has managed orthopedic and sports focused clinical settings, in both the Raleigh-Durham, NC and DC regions. She has been Director of multiple Physical therapy Clinics in DC and also worked with some renowned specialists at Georgetown University Hospital in DC. We’ve experienced rapid growth in the last few years to get from zero to where we are today.

We now have a large client database and we’re looking to convert cold/warm leads and prospects to grow our clinic by bringing in another person to occupy the most important role as our Client Care Specialist.

As a result, we are now offering you an opportunity to help us to continue that growth and acquire new patients as well as provide an exceptional customer experience for our patients that goes way beyond what is offered by most health care facilities.

The right person is likely to have been working in a sales associate or account manager type of an environment and has a long track record of converting cold/warm leads and prospects into customers and dealing with customers, answering questions on the phone and in person, and turning inquiries into happy customers.

The Role

This position is one of the most important in our practice. Unlike most medical and Physical therapy clinics, we take a lot of time to nurture and educate prospective patients/customers who inquire about our services. Many of our patients have been let down by previous providers and are quite skeptical when first reaching out to us. You are the first and most frequent point of contact for everyone that becomes a part of our community. Your job will be to make these folks feel comfortable and excited that they reached out, to ask the right questions so that they feel listened to, to help lead them down a path towards the best decision for their health.

You will be responsible for answering the phone, converting inquiries into paying patients, calling prospects and nurturing them into paying patients, calling past patients to reactivate them. Ultimately, your job is to help us grow the revenue of the clinic by converting cold/warm inquiries into paying patients via the phone, social media or those who walk into our clinic directly. You’ll do that by a) successfully handling objections by hesitant potential clients b) by being able to ask the relevant and right questions to gain a potential patient’s buy-in and trust in the product and service of the company to enable them to get delivered a qualified recommendation that they can successfully back-up with a deliverable product.

Now that you know a little bit more about the position, read on to find out exactly what we are looking for, how to be successful in this position, and how to apply if you think you'd be a good fit for our team!

To Be Successful In This Position You Must:


  • Have great Communication Skills: Communicates the value of our services (in person and on the phone) and be able to explain – how, what we do, is worth the price we are asking for.
  • Have great verbal Skills: Able to hold a lengthy (at least 15-20 minute) meaningful conversation with new and prospective patients on the phone ensuring that patients are committed and bought into our service. *Training will be provided.
  • Successfully handle calls and objections in and around, price, time and alternate options.
  • Be able to use effective questioning techniques to ensure recommendations are delivered with accuracy, relevancy and confidence. *Training will be provided.
  • Be adaptable to varying sales situations and utilize various methods of close to secure the patient.
  • Demonstrate a nurturing style that encourages patients to increase their propensity to engage with the business.
  • Have a "close every conversation" mentality to ensure no clients are left without a pre-agreed follow-up course of action whether that be a discovery visit, Evaluation, Follow-up Call, Shock & Awe Box etc. *Training will be provided as required.
  • Be comfortable in conversations dealing with money, cost, price and value. *Training will be provided.
  • Be comfortable handling objection: being undeterred when a client says “no” and be comfortable to continue the conversation and make follow up calls to these hesitant potential clients.
  • Demonstrate resilience and tenacity to keep following up with cold and warm prospects, drop offs and past patients.
  • Have the ability to follow scripts provided, but flexible and adaptable to changing scripts. *Training will be provided on utilizing scripts.
  • Have alertness – are you able to spot potential referral situations or opportunities for the sale of other products and services?
  • Be able to ensure people show up committed and have a full understanding of the process for their first appointment after scheduling.
  • Be available to work 40 hours per week Mon-Fri (hours vary based on current need).
  • Be flexible in your work schedule and be willing to work evenings and Saturdays when needed.


  • Is able to provide an exceptional waiting room environment for our patients that they’ll look forward to coming back to.
  • Utilizes organization and planning: plans and organizes, schedules and budgets in an efficient, productive manner, focuses on key priorities.
  • Follows through on commitments: lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of personal cost.
  • Intelligence: Learns quickly. Demonstrates an ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
  • Pays attention to detail: does not let important details slip through the cracks.
  • Is persistent: demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
  • Is proactive: acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company and has a record of seeking out learning experiences.
  • Is computer and tech savvy – google, face-book, social media, Excel, knowledge of CRM *(Infusionsoft – training will be provided for Infusionsoft). Whatever your current level of knowledge is of such things, we will provide exceptional training in all of the areas required to excel in the role.

What We've Got For You

  • A full-time position with an attractive salary and room for growth in a vibrant, rapidly growing practice in Downtown DC.
  • A chance to work with a fun, hard-working and passionate team that works together to make your life easier.
  • A role packed with responsibility that allows you to be a team player and work alone using your initiative.
  • A work environment that inspires you daily and allows you to grow both professionally and as an individual.
  • The opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives and health.
  • A chance to work and help the best clients in the DMV area (seriously, we love our clients).
  • A place where you are encouraged to be yourself and bring YOUR personality into everything you do.
  • Provide you with ongoing training and support in the field of client care specialist.
  • Pay range $20-$25/hour + incentive bonus, PTO and eligibility for benefits.

Think You're a Good Fit?

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