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I work out 4-5 times a week. Golf and Horseback riding are my hobbies. I was having knee problems with running and sports activities when I decided to see Trupti for physical therapy. My expectation was to fix my knee. I wanted to resume all my activities. What was different about Trupti, was she was able to balance the technical explanation with lay person terminology so I could understand what needed to be done to fix the problem. PT with Trupti changed the way I look at things. I learned how to engage a part of my Quadriceps the correct way with these activities. I am now able to run on the treadmill and get back to spinning. I am also able to keep the knee symptoms from returning with exercising, foam rolling and knowing the right thing to do to prevent re-injury. Trupti’s strength compared to other PTs is that she listens carefully. She asks the right questions to focus on the problem that “is” versus the problem that “is not.” She also gives a good variety of exercises, modifies them as needed and gives a blueprint for self-maintenance. What separates her from other PTs is she provides a total package of diagnosis, prescription, remedy and self-maintenance. And she is a fellow Tarheel - Go Heels!!

Charles Early 60s, Downtown DC