Back to running after chronic hamstring pain

Chronic Hamstring Pain

The other week I wrote about chronic hamstring tightness – and what it means when it doesn’t go away.

Well… one of our clients Susan was dealing with something very similar. I want to tell you about her success story because it’s possible you or someone you know could be in the same boat….

Susan is 50 Years Old, is Very Active, and Loves to Run.

When we first met her – she was dealing with hamstring pain that was getting in the way of her being able to do what she loved most…run!

She was frustrated because she didn’t know what it was, couldn’t get it to go away, was already modifying her gym workouts, and now was starting to feel it with walking. She had BIG goals to run a half marathon in November and did NOT want this problem to sideline her – never mind get worse or start to impact her ability to remain active in other areas.

We met her because of our relationship with Capital Energy Training – right here in DC. She is a member there, very consistent with her workouts, and had been diligently working with her strength training coaches to try and tackle her hamstring pain.

They modified her workouts, she was getting plenty of sleep, stretching regularly… she was doing everything they told her to do.

So when that wasn’t enough – they recommended she come talk to us.

You’ve heard me say this over and over…

But if you’ve got pain somewhere – and you’re doing “all the right things” consistently – and still not seeing results…

You’re Missing Something.

It’s time to talk to a movement expert – and that’s exactly what Susan did.

Here’s what we found…

What Susan thought was a hamstring strain was actually a problem stemming from her back.

This explains why the targeted hamstring work she was doing at the gym was not enough to help.

She Needed to be Targeting Her Lower Back.

Once we figured out the root cause of her hamstring pain – we were able to give her very specific corrective movements that worked just like medicine. These corrective movements for her spine would take away the pain in her leg. And if she felt pain starting to come on as we got her back to running – she could use this “medicine” any time she wanted to quickly control her hamstring pain and not let it get to the point where her running would be impacted.

As you can imagine – Susan was thrilled – and most importantly – CONFIDENT.

Susan had no problem dealing with a little bit of pain – what she couldn’t deal with was not knowing where the pain was coming from – or how to make it go away.

Once she knew those two things – her confidence to get back to running soared and she felt comfortable pushing herself – because she now had a way to control her pain and not let it get out of control.

Susan is Now a Successful Graduate From Our PT Program and is Officially Training for Her Half Marathon in November!

She plans to supplement her gym workouts with weekly visits to continue our core stabilization program so that she can keep her whole body strong and balanced.

Core stabilization and Pilates helps with breathing and it focuses on your core. This will not only help Susan’s running – but it will help to keep her pain gone and make her body more resilient.

Plus – she loves knowing that our Wellness and core stabilization program are tied in closely with our PT assessment and treatment – which gives her peace of mind.

Congratulations Susan!!

If Susan’s story is sounding a little too familiar – maybe you need to talk to a specialist at my clinic?

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That’s the best way to talk to us!

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Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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