New Year New You… right?

Knee Surgery

If you’re thinking that knee, back, shoulder or neck surgery is the way to kick off your new year

so that you can finally tackle that chronic pain or “arthritis” you’ve been dealing with….


Please… I urge you!!

Only a very small number of people will actually benefit from the common orthopedic surgeries/arthroscopic procedures that are performed.

And that’s a tough statistic to swallow when you’re in the surgeon’s office – staring at your X-ray or MRi – getting more worried by the minute – as they point out all the “damage” to you….

“Surgeons and others believe that surgery is effective for back pain [or neck pain or knee or shoulder pain].

They base this belief either on their own experience or on observational studies.

This belief is, by and large, not vindicated by the outcomes in well-reported clinical trials.

Those trials indicate that only a small proportion of patients do well from surgery.

”Here’s one big problem with how well-meaning surgeons think about these procedures… they often don’t see you years later… or even months later… when all the pain starts coming back.

Or you’ve developed other problems from the surgery that you probably didn’t really need

If you’ve been told you need surgery…

And you’re looking for a second opinion from someone who is current with the research

AND who’s helped hundreds of folks just like you avoid the operating room completely…


New Year New You… doesn’t need to involve a knife or any kind of procedure –

The research even says so! Here’s some info on IMPERATIVE CLINICAL RESEARCH that helps you make the right decision.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday outdoors!!! Hopefully you’re outside taking a walk, or hiking or enjoying a nice bike ride. I’m headed to Rock Creek Park to enjoy it myself 🙂

Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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