DON’T Let Back Pain AND Sciatica Pain STOP You From Going to the GYM”

I’d like to tell you about a lady in her mid-50s who came to see me last week. She was visiting DC from Miami with a friend and was getting a massage at the SPA next door. Ana from the Spa came up to me, told me that this lady had come in limping and was suffering from intense leg pain. The massage had not alleviated her pain, and if there was any way that I could see her for Physical Therapy right away. I was booked for the next 3 hours but I worked her into the end of my day.

After doing a 30 minute assessment, I was able to identify the root cause of her pain. See, she was getting symptoms of sciatica into her buttock. Despite, the massage, which she thought would give relief, her pain continued to be present at a 7-8/10. She was unable to sit longer than 5 minutes, she was still limping and could not put weight on the leg she had pain. Prior to all this, she and her girlfriend had walked around enjoying DC for 3 days in a row. She had noticed something was not feeling right, but since it was not interrupting her life, she ignored that feeling and went on with her day.

As I began working on her lower back… heard that right…”her lower back”, is where some of the pain was coming from…She had a Deja vu. She said she forgot to tell me that her back was “acting up” the past couple days, but she ignored it ….and IN FACT forgot about it….as it was not stopping her from doing anything. But that morning suddenly she woke up with severe buttock pain and nothing would stop it…not even painkillers. Since the pain was in her buttock and hip area, she didn’t think her mild lower back discomfort days before had anything to do with it.

After doing some “hands–on” mobilizations to her lower back joints, I proceeded to do some dry needling to her lower back and buttock muscles. After 30 minutes of treatment, much to her surprise, she was able to walk without a limp and had only slight residual pain in her outer thigh region. After that I was able to give her instructions on some precautions to take since she was going to be in DC for 2 more days and that involved more walking. I explained to her the degree of her problem, what I saw in her assessment and some of the good signs and some of the problem signs. I also sent her home with some exercises.

Two days later, she came back to see me for a second and final visit as she was returning to Miami. She was so elated with the dry needling and “hands-on” therapy!! She was not expecting such a quick improvement…she felt 85% better!! She said she was able to walk all day and did not even take any painkillers. Her main worry at this time, is that she was taking the train back to Miami, and would be sitting for 10-15 hours. We did more dry needling and ‘hands –on” PT.

I gave her further guidance, on moving around and to avoid more than 30 minutes of sitting at a time if her pain resumed, certain stretches she could do on the train…and she left a happy camper ☺

I also guided her in what kind of Physical Therapist to look for in Miami, and what entails a good Physical Therapy session…someone who listens to you, and takes time to assess your pain thoroughly, uses their hands to provide “hands-on” therapy and provides GUIDED…NOT GENERIC back strengthening and core control exercises. She was especially interested in this, because she is a ballroom dancer, and did not want the back pain issues to become CHRONIC.

Two days back, I got an email from this lady, saying unfortunately, in Florida, PTs are not allowed to do dry needling. She said she was so pleased with the results and she really enjoyed working with me, she felt I understood her pain very well, that she is now flying in to see me in DC every other week for a chronic neck and shoulder issue as well.

The reason I’m sharing this story, is that UNLIKE this lady, so many people I see do not address their acute pain AS SOON AS it occurs, because they think it will magically go away. They are skeptical about the RIGHT thing to do…so instead they do NOTHING. They will talk to friends, coworkers, other non-professionals, and even see their doctor….and self-diagnose themselves thinking everyone with sciatica or back pain has the same issue…and they JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT…since the doctor is suggesting REST and taking painkillers. OR that they can pull off some exercises from the web or what their doctor gives them and try them at home. Well…when none of that has worked…they are content with “IT’S JUST MY AGE” because my doctor said so….or it’s not that bad right now…I know it’ll go away. Does any of this sound familiar??

Did you think every person that has sciatica pain is suffering from the same cause? The TRUTH is….that each of you may have a completely different ROOT CAUSE of sciatica and back pain. There are several different conditions and root causes that result in Sciatica Pain…..and limit you from STAYING ACTIVE and doing the activities you enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy dancing, gardening, working out in the gym, doing yoga, attending Pilates, or cycling or running…BUT…you are not sure if this is making your pain worse?

Have you stopped any of these activities? Have you stopped going to the gym, or cut down your gym hours, or stopped those personal training sessions, or your yoga and spin class….JUST because YOU CHOOSE… do NOTHING…..about that back pain or sciatica pain??

Well….I want you to know…if you come to see me….there is a glimmer of lots of hope…you do not need to stop all or any of these activities. It’s all a MYTH. YOU CAN GET YOUR LIFE BACK….WITHIN DAYS!! Going to see a Skilled, Well trained Physical Therapist who listens to you attentively, and compassionately, does a thorough assessment to find the root cause of your pain will RESOLVE the Mystery to YOUR PAIN and FINALLY give you….WITHIN DAYS… the long lasting and COMPLETE RESOLUTION to your back and sciatica pain.

Inquire about our free discovery visit so that we can diagnose your condition properly….before it becomes such a chronic condition that you REGRET, you chose to wait around, and hoped it would ALL JUST GO AWAY ONE DAY. I guarantee you, that just like this lady, you are going to walk away feeling VERY CERTAIN about the RIGHT THING to do…and will feel so amazing that you are FINALLY not sitting on the sidelines, but TAKING CHARGE of YOUR PERSONAL health now and for the future!!

For a 30 minute DISCOVERY Session, call (202) 670 8874 TODAY.

Only limited slots …every week… NO more procrastinating, call TODAY and get to the ROOT of your pain and Get your life back on track right away.

Committed to Restoring Your Health,

Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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