Does your back pain keep coming back?

I get emails from people every single day telling me…

They’ve tried “physical therapy” multiple times before but their back pain keeps coming back – what makes us different?

Well Jan was in the same boat!

Let me share her story with you – as it might help explain why so many people can try regular physical therapy without success – but come see us and HAVE success…

Jan is 65 years old and had been suffering with back, hip, and knee pain that was keeping her from doing one of her most favorite things… line dancing!

When she first came to us – she was pretty frustrated. She wasn’t the type of person to just sit back and do nothing.

She was really trying to get rid of her pain!

She’d been to doctor’s office, tried physical therapy, and was doing all of the exercises she had been taught – but still – the pain just kept coming back.

She couldn’t figure out what was missing or what she might be doing wrong.

What we figured out with Jan was that most of her problems were stemming from her spine. Her low back didn’t have full mobility – and because of that – the structures around her spine – along with her hip and knee were suffering too.

So what we did first was fully restore her back mobility – and THEN we started working on the strength of her hip and knee.

This is basically what was missing for Jan. And we see this a lot.

Many times – people are doing all the “right things” – just not in the right order.

We have a popular saying in our office…. mobility before stability!

We believe that you want to restore and optimize all of your mobility FIRST – before you go crazy with strengthening and exercises. Otherwise, you just end up strengthening a system that isn’t moving well. When you do that – it’s a recipe for pain to come back.

That’s pretty much what was happening with Jan. She would exercise and move – which almost always makes you feel better – but because her “movement prescription” wasn’t customized – the results weren’t sticking. Her pain kept returning.

Fast forward… I’m happy to report that Jan graduated from our program a few weeks ago and is back to avid line dancing – 2-3x per week!

If Jan’s story is all too familiar to you – don’t give up!

If there was a solution for Jan there is a solution for you…

Consider coming in and talking to a specialist at our clinic. Our approach doesn’t work for everyone… but for those it does work for… they are SO thankful they gave it a shot.

If you’re looking for help and want to talk to a specialist at my clinic – the best thing to do is…


We'll let you know if you're a good fit and you get to decide if we're a good fit for you... easy peasy 🙂

Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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