1 Club Out of 15 – Things We Can Learn From Tiger Woods’ Comeback

I’m not a golf enthusiast (I don’t play or watch it), but it came to my attention recently that Tiger Woods won his first tournament in something like 10 years.

During his heyday, he was considered the best golfer of all time, and he won roughly 45% of all the tournaments he played in.

That’s amazing!

Then came his scandal, as well as some injuries and surgeries…

And by all appearances, he wasn’t the same golfer anymore.

That is, until a month ago when he won again!

So how did he do it? And why am I writing to you about it?

Stick with me, and I’ll explain…

First off, how did Tiger manage to win another tournament after failing to do so in the last decade?

According to Tiger and his camp, during that period when he won 45% of his contests, he was only 1-2 shots away from winning 85% of them.

Let that sink in…

Even though he was completely dominating the sport, if he had focused on those 1-2 shots (specific drives, chips, whatever), he would’ve won an incredible 85% of the tournaments.

After figuring this out, he came to the same conclusion about his more recent performances, which he wasn’t winning.

Here’s what he figured out and applied: again, there were 1-2 specific shots that were limiting his success.

Once he isolated these shots, he narrowed down his focus and improved them as much as he could.

Does this mean that he slacked off on the rest of his game? Of course not!

He continued to do the things he already did well, and he studied and prepared for the course.

But, he paid specific attention to those 1-2 shots. And that’s what allowed him to win!

Okay, so that covers the first part about how he managed to win again.

Now for the second part: why am I telling you?

Here’s why: I think this same mentality and approach is applicable to all of our lives.

For most of us, we probably have plenty of things that we feel good about.

These are the other 13-14 clubs in the bag, where all we need to do is continue our good habits.​


I think it’s fair to say that each of us have 1-2 aspects of our lives that deserve a little extra attention and focus.

Here’s the question I propose we all ask ourselves: what are the 1-2 aspects of my life, that if I were to improve, would have the greatest impact on my success? 

Now, the word “success” is somewhat ambiguous, and it’s up to each of us to decide what makes us feel successful.

I tend to think of “happiness” vs. “success”, but hopefully you get the point.

Another way to think of it is this: what aspects of my life am I NOT happy with?

Like Tiger, if each of us can take this approach, we might just be able to produce some real wins in life.

Again, I’m not a golf person, but I think this was a good opportunity to offer you some words of encouragement, wrapped up in a sports analogy 🙂

You’ll have to let me know if I’ve hit the mark or if I’m just jabbering again!

Now that we have that covered…

Hope this Summer, you are working on those 1-2 specific things that will help you achieve

YOUR specific fitness goals to stay active and mobile the way YOU want.

If you need any help with this, or you feel stuck, then click the button below and I’m happy to give you a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to help.

Trupti Mehta, PT, MS, OCS

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